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The downtown Waterloo farmers market has been in our community for many years. In 2018, a board of market vendors, business owners, community members, and organizations came together to achieve a common goal, enhancing our Saturday morning market.


Since then, the Waterloo Urban Farmers Market has experienced significant growth in participating vendors, product offerings, and customer attendance. 


In addition, the market offers many experiences from themed events to benefit programs such as Double Up Food Bucks, Curbside Market, and various food and health education workshops. 



The Waterloo Urban Farmers Market strives to create a vibrant marketplace dedicated to championing and supporting local producers and businesses by providing a community resource for sustainably sourced food and products.


The Waterloo Urban Farmers Market is the urban destination for

sustainably sourced products and produce that

supports, educates, and fosters community involvement.

Serving The Cedar Valley

The Waterloo Urban Farmers Market serves a broad cross-section of the Cedar Valley's population, reflective of the diverse makeup of our community. Crowds visiting our Saturday morning market are more diverse than nearly any other event held in the Cedar Valley.  

We believe everyone deserves access to fresh, nutritious, fruits and vegetables. This is why our market proudly honors various food benefit programs. Learn more about our benefit programs

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